Ruffles & Truffles

Made for Bitty Bethany Kish by CarlaC

Bethany's friend also likes to wear this outfit!

Dear Bethany and her mom are giving Grandma an extra special Valentineís gift this year - one dozen truffles from her favorite confectionary! Bethany just canít wait to present them to Grandma. In fact, she canít stop looking at the beautiful chocolates and wondering what yummy flavors might be inside. She is guessing that the one with the pink flower has a strawberry creme filling - Bethanyís favorite! Surely Grandma will let Bethany have just one little truffle?

Bethanyís pinafore is made from a dainty striped cotton with mill-embroidered roses. The bodice and hem are trimmed with sweet white eyelet. Her rose-colored cotton dress has long, full sleeves and a ruffled skirt. Bouquets of hand-embroidered silk ribbon roses with beaded centers adorn the bodice and the sleeves. Organza and satin ribbons grace the waistline in the front and in the back so that the dress looks fancy even when it is worn without the pinafore.

Bethanyís T-strap shoes are decorated with clusters of bright pink roses. She wears them with her eyelet-trimmed anklets. For her hair, Bethany has a scrunchy headband with an embroidered bow. Bethanyís delicious handmade polymer clay truffles in their specially wrapped and embellished gift box are also included.