Made for Bitty Bethany by CarlaC

Darling Bethany is singing a happy little tune as she tries on all the pieces of her lovely new pink toile wardrobe.  "Toile-la-la" chirps Bethany in her sweet, old-fashioned, dropped waist dress.  It is is made of two soft pink toiles (pink on pink and pink on cream) and features a two-tiered skirt and a removable belt. 

The sleeve cuffs, collar, and belt are made of cream cotton muslin and are hand embroidered with monochromatic floral designs.  In her hair, she wears a perky scrunchie bow with a touch of lace and a satin rose accent.

Bethany's Mary Janes are hand painted for a textured effect that ties in beautifully with the toile print.  Satin ribbon roses are flanked with painted leaves.  She wears her fancy shoes with cream colored cotton tights.

"Toile-La-La" - on to the next outfit! This casual chic set is perfect for spring.  Delicate vintage mother of pearl buttons grace the front of the sleeveless ruffled shirt. Bethany's pants have an elastic waist and cream muslin cuffs that are trimmed with a fun pink ruffle.

Bethany's cloche hat has a pieced crown.  The cream brim is embellished with a pink ruffle and a rosy accent.  Her popcorn chenille teddy dons a matching ruffle and a pink rose behind her ear.  

Put all the pieces from the first two outfits together and Bethany is ready to step out in style!  The shirt plus the dress equals triple-layers of alternating toile.  Add in the ruffly pants and hat for the ultimate pink toile confection.  

You mean there are still MORE clothes to try on??? 

"Toile-La-Aaaaah!"  Bethany is glad to finally be relaxing in her comfy lounge set.  The soft knit top has slightly flared sleeves and a patch applique with blanket stitch embroidery.  This outfit is perfect for cuddling up and resting one's voice.