Sugar and Spice

for 18" Ann Estelle






Ann Estelle's favorite Auntie, the world traveler, has just returned from an excursion to India.  Oh, the treasures she has brought back to give as gifts to the family!  She has exotic, aromatic spices for Grandma, sparkling jewelry for Mom, and a funny little elephant statue for Dad.  However, Ann Estelle is getting the best present of all.  Her sweet Auntie (a self-proclaimed "fabric-hound") picked up some beautiful textiles and is going to use them to make Ann Estelle a gorgeous outfit.  She is going to teach Ann Estelle to embroider in the traditional Indian style, and together they will giggle and stitch all through the holidays.

Ann Estelle's jacket is made from a vintage pink sari border with exquisite gold zari work.  The jacket is trimmed in gold silk dupioni, and is embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and beads.  It is fully lined with hot pink satin.  Ann Estelle thinks that the toggle clasps on this jacket are just the coolest!  They are actually magnetic. When closed, they look like fancy gold beads.  When they are open, they dangle from glass beads like pretty gold bells.  Her jumper is made from rich crimson crushed velour.  The bodice is pleated, and is embroidered with a paisley motif.  It is also embroidered at the hem, and closes in the back with snaps.  The bodice is lined with cotton fabric.  Her crew-neck shirt and tights are made from a soft knit printed with tiny flowers.   Her pink felt clogs are edged with gold and mauve trim.  The same trim is found on her felt pillbox hat, which is adorned with a lovely beaded flower and velvety leaves. Ann Estelle is thinking that this outfit will be perfect for Valentine's day with all the beautiful pinks and reds.