*Strawberry Festival*

for Riley Kish





The weekend of the Strawberry Festival is finally here, and Riley is steppin’ out in style! There is so much to do and see - jugglers, a craft fair, and even a parade. Of course, Riley is looking forward to it all, and is planning to eat lots of fresh, sweet berries. Later in the day, Riley will go out to Grandma’s farm to help pick berries for pie and jam. After all the excitement and hard work, Riley might have to take a little rest break against the fence post. What a berry full day!

Riley’s sleeveless top is made from a fresh white cotton and has a white eyelet ruffle. It has cute, open-style back and fastens with a single snap accented with a milk-glass button. The front has a detailed strawberry applique with silk ribbon leaves, floss vines, and a soft fabric strawberry blossom with a center of french knots. Her ruffled capris are made of a lightweight cotton in a yummy berry shade, and are embroidered and appliqued to match the shirt. Her pieced hat has an eyelet ruffle, and is topped with a dainty fabric flower. She wears white plastic "jelly" sandals. She has a cute little blue denim skirt to wear out in the berry patch. It has an elastic waist that fits snugly just above her belly. A little gingham scrunchie bow with a berry blossom completes the country look. Riley’s strawberries and basket are also included.