for Riley Kish





Isnít it dark YET?  Riley just canít wait for the 4th of July fireworks show to begin.  She is so excited about seeing the bursts of color high in the sky, and the loud noises arenít going to scare her one bit this year. Riley has already staked out her spot for watching the show. Her grandma lives just up the road from the fairgrounds, so she and her family can watch all of the action right from the front porch. Come on sunset!

Riley is donning red, white and blue for this special occasion. Her middy-inspired top is made from a lightweight navy cotton. It has a wide round collar with hand-embroidered edges, and a fun red bow ascot. There is also contrasting embroidery at the base of the ruffled hem. Her full skirt has an insert of white cotton which is embroidered to match the top. She also has the option of wearing her ruffled "Uncle Sam" pants. The tiny stars and stripes are just the right scale for little Riley. Her stylish blue toque is worn off to the side, and has an embroidered band. A red and white gingham picnic blanket is included.