Designed to fit 32-35" Himstedt  by CarlaC

 A mythical land of the East,
synonymous with paradise on earth.

It has been my pleasure to create this one-of-a-kind, Eastern inspired ensemble from absolutely heavenly fabrics and trims. 
This traditional style of clothing is worn in countries from Southeast Asia to North Africa, and is currently the height of fashion in the Western world.  The free-flowing design will accommodate a diversity of sizes ranging from 32-35". 

The shining star of this ensemble is a tunic made from beautiful ivory silk dupioni.  It is hand embellished with many hundreds of glass seed beads and tiny circular and star shaped sequins.  It features a high collar and a mock placket with sequin "buttons" and is flanked by a sparkly loop design.   It has 3/4 length sleeves with slits in the beaded openings. It opens all the way in the back and fastens with snaps for easy dressing.  

The hemline of the tunic is also extensively beaded and has slits on the sides.  For a formal look, it is paired with a long skirt made from a beautiful silk noil jacquard.  It is edged with a woven metallic gold trim and is designed to "puddle" on the floor, with just the tips of the toes showing.  

The loose-fitting  pants are made from a very lightweight silk that was purchased for me by a good friend of mine in a saree shop in India.  In her country, this fashionable and comfortable combination is known as
 "salwar kameez."

The long georgette scarf drapes beautifully from the neck or the shoulder.  It is trimmed with a silver and gold glass beaded fringe, and is adorned with a bit of beadwork at each end. 

As you can see, the outfit is nice and roomy (but still a great fit) on 32" inch Mari.  It should fit the larger girls nicely as well.  If you have any questions about how it will fit on your doll, please do not hesitate to email me. 

A closer look at the details...