Seasonal Shifts

for 18" Ann Estelle






This time of year, one never knows what to expect out of the weather.  One day might be chilly and gray, and the next could be warm and sunny.  It can make wardrobe planning quite difficult.  Clever Ann Estelle has it all figured out, though.  She knows that by mixing and matching coordinating pieces, she will be all set for any type of weather.  This pretty little ensemble will take her right through all the seasons.

This outfit has so many pieces!  Let’s start out with the warm, cozy clothes that are appropriate for the weather right now.  The turtleneck and tights are made of a sage green rib knit.  There is a “lazy daisy” embroidered on the collar of the turtleneck.  The snuggly vest is constructed from ivory wool felt, and is trimmed in a pretty organdy ribbon.  It is embellished with gathered homespun flowers with button centers and green ribbon leaves.  The vest closes with snaps, which are covered with pretty pearly buttons.  The vest and turtleneck look quite dressy paired with her full skirt made of coordinating homespuns.  It has an elastic waist and is trimmed in organdy ribbon, just like the vest.  Another option is to wear the vest and turtleneck with the cute homespun pants.  Ann Estelle loves the ruffles at the ankle, which are adorned with vintage crochet lace and ribbons..If it is a bit too warm for the vest, the sleeveless homespun shirt can be worn over the turtleneck.  It is trimmed with a ruffle and vintage lace, and has a sweet heart appliqué.  When the weather gets even nicer, Ann Estelle can wear the shirt without the turtleneck.  It looks so cute with both the pants and the skirt – so many choices!