~*Sea Opal*~

for Riley Kish





Riley has had a grand time at the shore today. She swam in the ocean, built a sandcastle, and took a nice nap on Momís beach towel. It is now early evening and the tide is low. The beach is dotted with beautiful, brilliant seashells. Riley is going to fill her bucket with the prettiest ones to take home as souvenirs.

Riley shines like a paua shell in this tropical ensemble. Her top is made from a colorful, tiny-scale floral batik and is edged with a ruffle. It has cute, open-style back and fastens with a single snap accented with a wavy blue button. To keep the bright sun out of her eyes, she has a fun hat with a pieced crown and a ruffled brim. Her ruffled capri pants are made from a sea blue cotton with batik squares. For fun in the water, Riley can change into her batik swimming bloomers. Her little metal bucket is filled with tiny shells. Fun foam flip-flops are included so Riley can go out for a seafood dinner after her day at the beach.