Sailor Girl
Made for Riley Kish by CarlaC

AHOY!  Riley is ready to set sail across the seven seas in her classically styled sailor dress and hat. 

Riley's dress is made from a very tiny scale seersucker.  It has short puffy sleeves, and a horizontal striped waistband with two tiny buttons.  The middy style collar is accented with a delicate pink silk ribbon bow.   

Riley's hat is made from a crisp white  uniform material.  The seersucker band features a small bow that is worn to the side.

Little pink Mary Janes match her bow perfectly.  The scalloped edges are painted with tiny white dots to give a lacy look that ties right in with her ruffled anklets. 

For a touch of extra cuteness as Riley sails off into the sunset, the back collar points are embroidered with silk ribbon roses.

  In a separate auction, I am offering a matching outfit for Riley's baby brother and his boat.  Below are a few pictures of these cute kiddos playing together.

S.S. Big Sister is pulling some very precious cargo today!

No, No - Mommy said no standing up in the boat! 

OK, it looks like the captain has been at sea long enough for one day.

It is a lot of work being a big sister, but big hugs make it all worthwhile :) !