Sailor Boy
Made for Ellery Kish by CarlaC

YAY!  Time for a ride in the sailboat!  The little captain is decked out in a classically style jon-jon and sailor hat for the occasion.

The jon-jon is made from a very tiny scale cotton seersucker.  The bodice is embroidered with an anchor and is lined with white batiste.  The horizontal striped waistband features two little bitty buttons.   

The jon-jon is pleated at the waist in the front and in the back.  It fastens in the back with snaps.  

The hat is made from a white cotton uniform material.  It has a pieced cap and a traditional sailor brim.

The wooden boat has a sea-blue hull, dark stained wheels, top, and mast, and a white painted canvas sail with a little bear logo. 

  In a separate auction, I am offering a matching outfit for Big Sister.  Below are a few pictures of these cute kiddos playing together.

S.S. Big Sister is pulling some very precious cargo today!

No, No - Mommy said no standing up in the boat! 

OK, it looks like the captain has been at sea long enough for one day.

It is a lot of work being a big sister, but big hugs make it all worthwhile :) !