*Perfect Match*

for Riley Kish





Riley has been hitting tennis balls back and forth with Daddy ever since she was big enough to pick up a racket. Today, she is going to take her very first lesson with a tennis pro. They are going to start out with some warm-up exercises like windmills and toe-touching, and then move on to the basics of playing tennis. Riley never knew there was so much to just holding the racket! After all that hard work, Riley is going to be hungry! Good thing that mom is planning to take her to lunch at the clubhouse. Do you think that they will have egg salad sandwiches and lemonade?

Riley’s sporty tennis dress is made from a crisp white cotton. It has a dropped waist and a short, box-pleated skirt. It has a pink gingham belt with a cute bow in the back. The bodice is embroidered with bullion and French knot roses, and the pleat corners are adorned with dainty roses. The sleeves and neckline are finished with whipstitching. Her preppy cardigan is made of a soft pink knit and has a ribbed collar and cuffs. It is embroidered with rose clusters in the front. In the back, there is a big letter "R" for Riley. It is handmade from felt, and decorated with roses. The cardigan fastens in the front with a single button. Under her dress, she wears little gingham bloomers.  She has brand new white tennis shoes, and pink anklets with tiny roses in the back. Her canvas visor is also embroidered with roses, and has a bit of stretchy elastic in the back for a snug fit. After practice, she can change into her scrunchie headband, which has a sweet silk ribbon bow and a bullion rose. Her old-fashioned tennis racket is handmade from balsa wood, and has a silk ribbon grip. A fresh can of pom-pom balls is also included. To carry all of her gear, Riley has a canvas duffle bag that is embroidered with roses and has ribbon straps. The bag has side pockets, and closes with a touch of velcro.