*Plums and Green Tea*

Bedding made for Riley Kish by CarlaC

This bedding set was custom made for a special little Riley girl.  The comforter, pillows, and sheets are made from a sweet combination of fabrics in soothing shades of mauve and sage.  The bed (which was provided by Riley's mommy) was accented with just a touch of handpainting to match the bedding. 

The comforter top is made of a tiny-scale toile and embellished with a shimmery gathered ribbon.  The mini-patchwork sides have notches with rounded edges that fit between the posts just perfectly.   

The top of headboard is decorated with a spray of cottage roses.  There are plenty of plush pillows to prop against the headboard.  Riley's kitty friend just loves the silk ribbon embroidered pillow and has claimed it as her own :) .

The front legs also feature handpainted roses.  The layered bedskirt has a sage ruffle topped with ivory eyelet.  The fullness of the skirt is enhanced with a bit of stuffing.

The two "standard" pillows made of a checked fabric.

These two pillows have "shams" of a paisley rose print and with an eyelet ruffle. 

These two round yo-yo cushions have ruffled centers with covered buttons.  

The regal neckroll has ribbon sides and a floral center flanked with ivory guimp trim.  The ends are finished with sage and white gingham bows  

The top sheet is made of the checkered print and has a decorative scalloped stitching at the top edge.  The "fitted" sheet is made from a cottage rose print.

Sweet Dreams!

This OOAK set includes:
Custom handpainting of bed
Toile and patchwork comforter
Ruffled bedskirt
Printed sheets
Pillow-top foam mattress
Two Standard Pillows
Two Shammed Pillows
Two round cushions
Silk-ribbon embroidered pillow
and, of course, Miss Kitty!