~*~Pixie Party~*~

Made for Ellery Kish by CarlaC

Little Ellery is the tiniest guest at the "Pixie Party" beause her big sister wouldn't dream of attending without her.  There sure is a lot going on - the older girls are having a rambunctious good time dancing, singing, and doing crafts.  Ellery doesn't quite know what to make of the Queen Fairy Ezmeralda, who is leading the festivities.  For now, Ellery is just going to take it all in and stick very close to her mommy AND the refreshment table.

Ellery is just the cutest little pixie in her bright pink floral knit outfit.  The long sleeved empire top features a scalloped hem and a little wool felt flower appliqued to the bodice.  Her comfy leggings have an elastic waist.  Ellery's wool felt beret is embellished with a cluster of pretty pink posies.

Sweet pink wool felt crib shoes complete the ensemble.  They are fitted specifically for Ellery's toesies.

The Queen Fairy made Ellery her own little pixie pouch at the craft table!  Is that a little smile I see on Ellery's sweet face???

Ellery gets right into the fairy fun when the cupcakes appear.  She'll be dancing around in no time!