Sophie is pretending that her garden is a tropical jungle, full of WILD animals. She is bravely exploring the terrain, when suddenly she feels eyes upon her. Who could be watching her? She looks all around, and sees a slight movement in a cluster of palm trees. She carefully approaches, and EEEEK! - out jumps a monkey! Much to her relief, it is a friendly monkey and he quickly becomes her best friend. They will have so much fun exploring the jungle together.

Sophie is wearing the perfect attire for her adventures in the tropics. Her sleeveless shirt is made from a ruby red cotton from India. The ruffle is embellished with a fun mix of colorful fibers, and there is a hand-appliqued portrait of her monkey friend on the bodice. The ruffled pants are made from a wild print of circles and dots. Sophie’s scrunchie headband features a cool fiber-art bow with a button center. Her matching sandals have covered elastic straps and foam soles. Her cute monkey friend is also included.