On a recent dreary winter's day, Ann Estelle's mom took her to the nursery - not the kind for baby people, but the kind for baby plants.  Even though the outdoor sales area was snow-covered and silent, the greenhouse was full of light, warmth, and many healthy-looking young plants.  It was amazing - hydrangeas and lilies were already growing so that they will bloom just in time for Easter. There were many flats of teeny tiny seedlings, which Ann Estelle learned were annuals that will brighten up gardens around town this summer.  Ann Estelle was so excited to see a bench of plants in full bloom!  She even saw some miniature floribunda roses that matched her dress perfectly!  The greenhouse owner gave her her own little plant.  "Take care of this through the rest of the winter, and in the spring you can put it in your garden," he said.  What a treat for Ann Estelle- especially with Valentine's day on the way!

Ann Estelle's long sleeved, A-line dress is made from a beautiful cotton print.  The roses are so realistic that you can almost smell them.  Her round collar is embellished with handmade ribbon roses that are surrounded by leaves of green silk ribbon. No Valentine's bouquet is complete without baby's breath, so I have worked bits of white lace buds into the "arrangement."  The collar, cuffs, hem, and even her socks are trimmed in the baby's breath lace.  The dress features a built-in petticoat with a scalloped hem.  Little silk rosebuds highlight each scallop. Her hairbow is made from a delicate striped ribbon, and accented with a single rose.