Fall Froggie Frolic

Made for Riley Kish by CarlaC

How fun it is to be a froggie on a lovely autumn’s day! One can hide under leaves, crawl into trees, and sit on a cool rock and enjoy the breeze. After the sun sets, you can sing and dance with the other happy froggies. Riley thinks that she would quite like to be a little frog. Halloween is just around the corner, so mom made Riley a very special froggie costume. Instead of trick or treat, she is going to say "Ribbit, Ribbit!" Who could resist giving this little cutie extra candy?

Riley’s vest is made from forest green wool felt. It is edged with blanket stitching, and a cute pair of frog faces are appliqued on the front. On the back, the frogs dance a jig wearing their finest chambray duds. Riley’s felt beret is accented with a chambray and yarn bow. She wears a two-tiered short shirt is made from fringed chambray. Her warm turtleneck and tights are made from a striped rib-knit. The ensemble is completed by handmade wool felt clogs that are blanket stitched to match her vest and hat.

Riley’s froggie costume is made from soft knit fabrics. The frog pullover has an apple green appliqued belly. It is gathered at the neckline and ties in the back with silk ribbons, and has elastic at the base for extra fullness. Her hat has an apple green brim, and big appliqued felt eyes. A trick or treat bag is included to hold all of Riley’s Halloween goodies.