Ann Estelle's Grandma has a lovely little cottage on the lake. It was been closed up tight for the winter because it gets terribly cold near the water. Spring has sprung, and that means it is almost time to open the cottage! Ann Estelle is so excited and is already planning her cottage weekend wardrobe. She is hoping for nice weather, so she can wear some of her pretty new spring clothes. She is also going to take along some warmer clothes, just in case it gets chilly. How in the world is she going to fit everything in her suitcase? Hope mom has a little extra room in her luggage!

Ann Estelleís chic collection is crafted from a fun mix of pretty pink Hannah Bella prints. Her favorite piece is the sleeveless polka-dot shirt with ruffles of striped fabric and cluny lace. It has a pretty hand-appliqued and embroidered rose in the center. This shirt looks great worn alone on hot, sunny days, but also looks cute worn over her turtleneck. The neck of the knit turtleneck is embroidered with a vine of French-knot roses, and the sleeves are embellished with little rose clusters. She will of course pack white tights that match the turtleneck. Ann Estelleís cute pants are made from a tiny rosebud print and have ruffles at the ankles. The pants look especially nice with her lovely hand quilted reversible vest. On one side, there are cottage roses and pearly buttons. On the other side, there is a pretty paisley print and Asian-inspired ribbons (the vest actually closes with snaps). Her full skirt is adorned with three different laces, and looks especially nice with the ruffled shirt.

Ann Estelle has so many accessories to keep up with! Her bow has an elastic scrunchie band and is made from the striped fabric. Her hat has a brim that turns up and a crown pieced from the rose and polka dot fabrics. For footwear, she is bringing along pink felt clogs accented with cluny lace and ribbon buds (she is secretly hoping that she wonít have to wear shoes at all). Just for this special trip, Iíve painted and decoupaged a little wooden suitcase for her. Oh, and we mustnít forget her cuddly teddy bear.

The matching sister outfit for Big Ann is available in a separate auction. Donít they look ready to travel?