Tickets to CATS!





Ann Estelle was sitting on the front porch playing with her kitten, Sparky, when Grandma pulled into the driveway.  She jumped out of the car and said "Guess what, Ann Estelle? I have two tickets to the musical Cats!"  Ann Estelle said "Oh boy!  I know just what to wear!"  She picked up Sparky, ran inside, and came out a few minutes later dressed up in her cute cat outfit.  Sparky also looked quite handsome in a  fresh bow with a bell.  "O.K., we are ready!" said Ann Estelle.  "Oh honey," Grandma sighed "I don't think that kittens are allowed in the theater."  Ann Estelle thought for a moment, and said to Sparky "You be a good kitty and take a nap on your blanket.  When I get home I will re-enact the whole play just for you!"

Ann Estelle's dress is made from a tartan plaid wool.  It is fully lined (no itchies) and has a very sweet hand-embroidered kitty applique with a bow and bell.  Her beret is made of the same wool and has an elastic band for a snug fit.  The front of the beret is pleated and is accented with a grosgrain bow.  Her tights and turtleneck are made of a stretchy rib knit, and a little paw is embroiderd on the collar.  Her felt clogs look like little Birkenstocks!  Sparky comes with a basket, bell, and blanket.