~Classic Carousel~

Made for Riley Kish by CarlaC

Riley has been SO very excited about visiting the amusement park with her family.   Her big sister has been telling her about all the fun rides that they are going to ride.  Now that Riley is here at the park, those rides seem awfully big, loud, and scary.  Just as a little tear forms in Riley's eye. Grandma takes her by the hand and says "Riley, I know of a ride that is just our speed."  After what seems like a lot of walking, they arrive at a charming old-fashioned carousel.  Several other wise grandmas and excited grandchildren are already lined up for the next ride. That is just fine - the short wait will give Riley time to decide which one of the beautiful horses she wants to ride.
Riley's is perfectly dressed to ride the merry-go-round in her classically styled pink gingham A-line top.  It features a felt carousel horse applique embellished with silk ribbon roses and floss embroidery detailing.  Tiny striped bows grace the shoulders.

The hem is edged with a darling micro pom-pom trim in a sweet shade of dark pink.   The straps cross over in the back, showing off her tiny ruffled bloomers. 

For a little more grown-up girl look, Riley can wear ruffled capris with her carousel top.  They are made of a colorful striped seersucker and are accented with silk ribbon rosebuds. 

Riley's sandals are custom made to match the outfit.  They have stretchy straps, foamy soles, and rosebud embroidery. 

This ensemble also includes a halter top that pairs perfectly with the capris for a unique boutique look.  It has a double ruffle and a gathered bodice embellished with lots of little rosebuds and delicate pink beads.  

 The straps fasten at the neckline with a little snap, and there is a big pretty bow in the back. 

Riley's reversible sunhat is perfect for keeping the bright sun out of her eyes.  It has a pieced crown and a ruffled brim.   

Later, when the day gets hot, Riley can splash around the waterpark in this sunsuit combination.  She can wear her hat on the pink gingham side to match her bloomers.