Bunny Bliss

Made for Baby Ellery by CarlaC

Splish, Splash,
Splish, Splash,

Baby Ellery just had a Bath!
Now she is clean and smelling sweet,
but she has wrinkles on her tiny feet!

With her bunny towel we will dry her off,
and diaper her bottom with the softest of cloth.
 We'll put her in her soft nightgown,
give her a kiss, and lay her down.

This changing dresser is the perfect piece of furniture for baby Ellery.  It has room for lots of tiny clothes, booties, and diapers, and the top is just the right length for her tiny body. 

The dresser is fashioned from a child's jewelry box, which I completely repainted with a whimsical mix of patterns and pastel colors. The front and top of the piece is a painted soft buttercream with a bit of white sponged on for a dreamy look.  Dots, checks, stripes, and sweet roses adorn the dresser drawers. Even the wooden knobs are painted with fun designs. The door features a little handpainted landscape with soft, fluffy bunny in the foreground. 

The side of the dresser, which was originally bright pink, has been toned down with white washing.  The cute floral motif on the sides of the original piece was reworked in the new pastel color scheme.  The changing surface is surrounded by purple and white striped rails with a rose motif in the center.  A border of tiny carrots is painted on the edge of the top. 

 Ellery wants to rub noses with her friend!  She is as fuzzy and warm as a bunny in her hooded towel.  It is made of the teensiest of chenilles, and has floppy ears lined with pink cotton.

Ellery is always such a good girl on the changing table.  She just plays with her toes and enjoys the wonderful smells of her lotions and baby powder.  The table is topped with a foam pad covered with pink on pink calico.

Three "bird's eye" knit cloth diapers should get Ellery through the night.  They fasten with snaps, and fit her little tushie just right!

A pink and white striped knit nightgown awaits Ellery in her closet.  The bodice and hemline are embroidered with dainty white rosebuds.  The gown has long sleeves and realistic lapped shoulders, and fastens in the back with snaps.

Oh, Ellery - aren't you even a little bit tired???

Oh goody - another bunny to play with!   Even big girls can't resist the fuzzy bunny towel!

Good night, sleepy little sweetie.