Little Buckaroo

Handcrafted Crib & Bedding
Made for OOAK baby boys by CarlaC

Howdy, Partner!  Welcome to the wildest little nursery in the West!  This detailed, OOAK crib set was designed with your detailed, OOAK babies in mind.  It includes a handcrafted crib, mattress, bedskirt, bumper pad, quilt, and four tiny pillows. 

The crib measures 7" high x 8" long x 4.5" wide, and comfortably accommodates babies up to 6" in length.   

My babies Dougie (a long, tall 6" cowboy) and Tristan (his little 3.5" sidekick) are showing off the set for you.  They are models only and are not included in the auction.  This special ensemble is the perfect way to display your own unique little "dude."

The solid wood crib was handcrafted by me using my own design.  Lengths of basswood were meticulously cut to size and pieced together to make for a sturdy little crib with realistic dimensions.  The crib is stained a deep red oak with honey pine accents, and is protected with a light coat of varnish.  The finished piece has a smooth feel and nice sheen.

The headboard and footboard are flanked with decorative rope molding.  The bedposts have ball finials and feet.  Both the headboard and footboard "star" very tiny handpainted cowboys on bucking broncos.  

In keeping with the Western theme, the crib bedding is made of retro rodeo fabrics such as denim, homespun plaid, and chenille in shades of crimson, tan, and blue. 

   The reversible crib bumper is made of plaid homespun cotton and a lightweight dark blue denim. The pillow-top mattress is covered with a fun starry striped fabric.  Little Tristan is so comfy napping in this soft little bed.

The coverlet features miniature pieced quilt squares with hand-embroidered detailing.  In between the horses, boots and hats are blocks of tiny-scale cotton chenille. The top and bottom of the are bordered by a red starry print.  The quilt is backed with the homespun plaid and tied with red floss.  

Big boy Dougie loves to get tucked in for naptime!

Plenty of soft and fun pillows are included in this set.  The chenille-backed pillow is made from a blue paisley print reminiscent of a Western shirt.  It ties right in with the bright red bandanna pillow and the plaid pillow with its vintage mother-of-pearl button.  The round denim pillow has a red star applique and gold and white stitching.

Golden floss "ties" are attached to the bed posts.
The tailored bedskirt is made of dark blue denim and is lined with the homespun plaid.   Little Dougie looks like he is practicing his roping skills for the rodeo - Yee-Haw!

All this excitement has tiny Tristan all tuckered out - nighty night, little buckaroo!