Blueberry Brunch

for Riley Kish





On this fine Sunday morning, Grandma is hosting a family brunch in her country home.  Riley is arriving early to help with the preparations and deliver a very important ingredient - fresh blueberries!  Riley and her mom picked basketfulls of these delicious, juicy blueberries just yesterday.  Riley knows that they are really yummy because she taste-tested quite a few right off the bushes.  Grandma is going to put them to good use - she makes the world's best blueberry pancakes!

Riley is all dressed up for brunch in her sweet blueberry outfit.  Her dress is made of a fine cotton printed with little tiny blue dots that look like berries in buttermilk pancake batter. The bodice has an eyelet cumberbun that embroidered with a cluster of silk ribbon berries.  The full skirt is gathered at the hemline to show off eyelet trim, which is also embroidered with little berries.  Dainty white silk-ribbon bows highlight each gather point.  The short puffy sleeves have elastic openings that are also accented with little bows.  Riley's scrunchie headband is made of the same fabric as the dress, and features a bow topped by an embroidered eyelet adornment.  Her light yellow shoes are handpainted with berry bunches, and are worn with simple white anklets.  To keep her dress nice and fresh in the kitchen, Riley has a fresh white ruffled apron with blueberry embroidery.  Her white painted basket has yellow bows tied to the handle and is filled with Riley-sized berries.