Perennial Princess

Made for Bitty Bethany Kish by CarlaC

Bethany is such a help to Grandma in the garden.  She knows her "weedlings" from her seedlings, good bugs from bad bugs, and she knows all about annuals and perennials.  Grandma says that her grandchildren are like perennials because they come back to brighten her garden year after year.

Bethany's wrap-style dress is made from a sweet lavender pindot fabric.  It is edged with crisp white lace, and is fully lined with lightweight white cotton.   

A spray of purple coneflowers, an all-time favorite perennial, are hand-embroidered in silk ribbon on the bodice and skirt of the dress. 

The dress fastens at the waist with a loop and glass bead closure. 

Bethany's visor is essential for keeping the hot July sun out of her eyes.  It is handmade from straw braid, and ties in the back with a light purple ribbon.

And speaking of essential, garden clogs are a must for keeping the mud off of Bethany's feet (and out of Grandma's living room)!  They are handmade from fun foam, and fit nice and snug on Bethany's feet.

A pair of crisp capri pantlets peek out from underneath the dress.  They are made from a white-on-white quilter's print and are trimmed with a fun floral lace. 

Bethany's handpainted watering can is included