Ann Estelle and the Three (actually more than three) Bears





Ann Estelle has loved the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears ever since she was a tiny little girl.  Grandma made her a very special holiday outfit with this in mind.  Ann Estelle immediately noticed the bear family on the bodice.  As she put the jumper on, she noticed that there were bears on the buttons, which blended in with the bears all over the fabric.  And, oh my goodness, even the shoes have bears on them!  The little bear button on her bow made her giggle out loud.  She asked Grandma "I think I have found all of the bears, but where is Goldilocks?"  Grandma answered with a smile, "Why Ann Estelle, I think she is wearing your dress!" 

Ann Estelle's jumper is made from a teddy-bear homespun fabric, and has a hand appliqued trio of bears on the bodice.  The jumper snaps in the back.  Her shirt is made from a heavy rib-knit in a loverly jade color, and has a Peter-Pan collar with scalloped edges.  It also fastens in the back with snaps.  Her bow and anklets are made from the same knit.  The bear faces on the shoes are hand-painted.